About us

Cleer Gear is a Florida based company founded in 2011 known for it's industry leading health & wellness home goods brand Hugo. Our company values are cemented firmly in Faith, Family and Freedom, and we support organizations that provide assistance to veterans and first responders by donating a portion of every sale to these worthy causes. Our Christian faith has helped guide us to bring Hugo to consumers and retailers around the globe, and continues to enable us to create exciting new home health & wellness products of unrivaled efficiency, function and smart design.

The Hugo 3-in-1 Air Purifier won the 2022 National Hardware Show Most Innovative Product Award which we are very proud of, and Hugo is the world's first all-in-one Air Purifier + Air Sterilizer + Mosquito & Insect Trap! Your air purifier doesn't have to be clunky, overweight and ugly anymore, or just be able to clean your air. Hugo also catches and traps mosquitos and flying insects for easy disposal, and no other air purifier can do that!

Cleer Gear owns multiple USPTO patents, and continues to innovate and deliver smart design to homes and businesses and to our neighbors and friends. We believe hard work and integrity are the cornerstones of building the best products on the planet, and that same work ethic has helped us create the Hugo 3-in-1 Air Purifier that never compromises style for function and will always work as good as it looks! We plan to earn your business and make you a loyal customer by delivering the best quality products and service that we can. And for more epic gear, don't forget to check out our mobile accessories and personal electronics sister brand Schatzii at www.schatzii.com