Cleer Gear is a San Francisco based company founded in 2011, and known for its industry leading mobile accessories and personal electronic brand Schatzii. The company has been delivering innovative products to consumers and retailers around the globe, and continues to create exciting new gear that delivers unrivaled style and function.

Touted by luxury goods purveyor the Robb Report, the company has been named “The brand that is building products James Bond would wear,” and the company that is “Redefining Audio.” Cleer Gear’s approach to creating unique personal electronics is driven by a desire to bring Intelligent Function + Smart Design into your daily life, and has enabled us to create state-of-the-art mobile accessories for consumers of every kind.

Having delivered some of the most innovative and unique products in the industry such as the BULLET true wireless earbuds and the Schatzii Smart Cloths – the world’s best touch screen & lens cleaners, Cleer Gear continues to develop ideas that will help enhance your life and provide a great experience. With the recent onset of the Covid pandemic worldwide, the company has made a conscious decision to refocus our attention to producing new products that help keep you safe by cleaning and purifying your environment both at home and at work.

Our recent product releases have included the HUGO 3-in-1 Air Purifier and the TX3 Sports Performance Mask. Cleer Gear owns multiple USPTO patents, and continues to innovate and deliver smart design to consumers worldwide. We believe you don’t have to give up style for function, and that your gear should look as good as it works.